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"As a high school student I spend a lot of time online writing academic essays and reading my text books. I didn’t think twice of the conditions of my eyes, I completely disregarded one of the most prominent features of the body. After coming to Adriel Eye Health I have been more self aware of how I can improve my eye sight and take care of something so important to me. As they say, "The eyes are the keys to the soul". Using high tech facilities here, I am able to know about how my diet can affect the conditions of my eyes and how I can improve that as well as other organs in my body such as my lungs, heart, liver and my breathing so that they all work together to keep me healthy and happy for the rest of my life. I'm very grateful for the service provided by Adriel Eye Health."

- Tara

"I came to know about this clinic from my wife. She’s comfortable coming here. When I came I assumed this was a normal eye clinic, after doing my check up with Dr Adriel I eventually found out it was not what I thought it was. Other than checking my eyes, Adriel Eye Health is something I can lean on. Dr. Adriel is encouraging and motivating. I am very happy and always look forward for my check up because everytime I leave I learn something. There has been improvements on my eyes, so I will stick to this clinic and I wish other people know about his clinic as you will find out yourself when you get to know the doctor you can learn something positive. I recommend this clinic and am glad to have met him."

- Robert

"Mom: Hello, this is my son Brian Lee. Previously his eye sight is really bad and so we came here for a cure. Now he is wearing this spectacles for a year, which feels very pleasent. Brian: I feel superb too, as previously I had to change my spectacles every 3 months at Batang Kali. Whereas I'm wearing this spectacle prescribed by Adriel Eye Health for a year now."

- Brian & Mom

"When I was 12 or 13, I was reluctant to have my eyes checked because I didn’t really wanna wear glasses. After doing a regular checkup, I found out my eye muscles are not that strong and I had long sightedness which is not common among children. After another follow up, I found out I have other problems with my eyes. Now I’m 21, I have more problems, but with new technologies to diagnose testing I'm able to understand the reasons and why I have these problems. Whether they are related to my nutrition and stress level. Dr. Adriel has really helped me alot in my decisions on what I've to really get checked. So far I haven't gone for any other tests. I think Dr Adriel is one of the best optomologists now, as my family has been here for many years."

- Jessica

"I feel more comfortable driving at night. More focused. More clearer. The Blue Light filter helps a lot.”

- Sebastian

"When I went to Dr. Adriel, he did not only correct my double vision but also my night driving. An optometrist checks sight, but not all check vision. Sight and vision are very different thingsart."

- Joyce

"He is actually here to help out and reduce and to ensure that we have a healthy and happy lifestyle. I would definitely highly recommend anyone without any hesitation to pay a visit to see whether what I am saying is actually right or wrong."

- Shameni

"My first son had an eye injury from badminton so I brought him to Dr. Adriel. After using Dr. Adriel’s spectacles, he does not need to use them anymore as his eye sight improved. My second son has bad vision and after using Dr. Adriel’s spectacles for a period of time, he did not have to wear it anymore because his vision improved as well. That is why I believe in Dr. Adriel and therefore today I am here to get treatment for my third child."

- Hafidzah

"I have to give this testimony to my friend, Dr. Adriel. First of all my dad is also an optician, and right now for the past 1 year I have actually tested out this technology and also the knowledge that Dr. Adriel has generously shared with other people, opticians and optometrist which is great. Thank you Dr. Adriel for this. For the past year I got this prescription lenses and advice by Dr. Adriel, and after 1 year I still get the same clarity compared to many many years I feel my eyes always deteriorate. This is the first time that I still feel like my eyes are not deteriorating. I thought it is a part of ageing that my eyes were deteriorating. My lifestyle hasn’t changed too much, I just follow the advice given to me by Dr. Adriel. Thank you so much Dr. Adriel."

- Eddie Chen

"I just want to say from the bottom of my heart that Dr. Adriel and his team are a whole bunch of experts that I have never seen before in my life. They have done their best in making sure that my eyes obtain the best of the conditions over these 14 years I have been with them. Both my eye power have increased very little over the years."


"I was brought by my husband to be treated at Adriel Eye Health. At first I was sceptical and thought the price for the spectacles was ridiculous, but I went on to try it. My first spectacles was when I was in standard 4. For the past 24 years I wore spectacles with colour and I accepted that this was my fate. I was told by the staff that once I use these spectacles I can see in HD quality. I felt the facts were not enough as I myself am a researcher and that this is just a gimmick to sell spectacles. After using prescribed spectacles for 10 months I have to say I agree that I can see in HD, and my friend’s are happy that they can finally see my eyes. I feel like these pair of glasses are really worth the money. I am really thank full."

- Er's Wife

What Are Your Benefits?

We always welcome new customers to spend time at Adriel Eye Health, as to create a memorial experience with us. However, the utmost important matter is, to ensure that you get the benefits you deserved, such as the following:

Preventative eye-care can educate you 10 years in advance, on the correct ways to take care of your eye health, and tips to prevent the occurrence of eye diseases.

Highly specialised methodology to diagnose your eye condition more accurately, in which you can know your current eye condition with precise results and analysis. 

You are able to know the root cause of any occurring eye symptoms based on 30 eye images.

Your vision will be enhanced and improved with Adriel’s customisation, design, and specific measurements.

You will experience clear, HD vision. Adriel’s lenses allow light to sharp focus on your eye nerve, which will also help to improve your mental capacity. 

You can ensure your eye nerves to stay healthy, because our lenses help to filter harmful light and rays that goes into your eyes.

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