Myopia Control Management

Myopia control happens when the progression of eye power is reduced in increments. This can be achieved through changes in nutrition, environment and behavioural lifestyle. Nourishing our eyes with good (natural) lights is the cornerstone of the Adriel 80-20 Eye Formula which states that the when the nutrition of the eye is 80% natural light and 20% dietary nutrition with behavioural lifestyle changes, it is possible to create the ideal environment for your eye to grow and develop.

Most research concludes that the ‘eye power’ is the most important factor in eye health. At ADRIEL EYE HEALTH we do not limit our diagnosis to only this, but also specifically include factors related to maintaining eye health and brain development. We examine the rate of blood flow in the eye and the level of activity in the nerves of the eye. This level of detail allows us to custom design the optical lens of our ARC Eyewear over 200 data points into a precision instrument of sight.

Our ARC Eyewear consists of:

1. Specialty Optical Lenses

Medical tint lenses to prevent cataract and age-related macular degeneration
Sports vision lenses
Occupational lenses and safety lenses

2. Specialty Frames

For sports – golf, swimming, squash
For babies, toddlers and children

3. Specialty Contact Lenses

Multifocal contact lenses
Treatment contact lenses

Throughout the course of our 20 years of clinical research and patient care, we have seen significant results in eye health and visual performance. There is also improved cognitive function and clarity, as the brain can focus better without the ‘noise’ of stray and scattered light within the eye. 

We also specialise in managing myopia in children. As we have observed that majority of the children we examine do tend to fake their responses during eye examinations (possibly due to psychological reasons), our Adriel Eye Specialists work closely with the parents to uncover the reasons for such behaviour. It would be detrimental in the long term for the child’s eye health and cause an escalation in myopia should this behaviour be ignored.

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