Adriel™ Lens Formula

Adriel™ Lens Formula is a patented and proprietary lens, a culmination of over 15 years of clinical research and patient case studies.
Adriel™ Lens Formula begins with a comprehensive examination of the inner and outer eye, specifically the nerve structure, blood vessels and angles. We map out over 200 data points within the eye, and gain an understanding of your specific eye performance before we design the corrective lens best suited to improve the condition of your eyes.

Like a tree that depends on the roots to bring nutrition to the entire tree for overall health and well-being, so too do the nerves of the eyes bring nutrition to all parts of the eyes. The entire purpose of Adriel™ Lens Formula is to bring the right kind of light to the nerves of the eye to improve eye health in the long term, and address premature accelerated eye ageing. 

This focus on eye nerve health and the ability to deliver the nourishing light to where it is needed the most is what differentiates ADRIEL EYE HEALTH

CorrectiveComprehensive analysis of eye performance
DurableCustom designed eye wear specifically for your eye health needs
AuthenticWear for 3 to 5 years without premature accelerated ageing
The Adriel 80-20 Eye Formula

1. Education

How to take proper care of your eyes, and raise awareness of the importance of early detection and taking preventive steps 

2. Understanding The Problem

Only when the root cause of the eye problems are understood can the right treatment be prescribed.

3. Guidance

Ongoing & continuing monitoring of your eyes, using the Adriel 80-20 Eye Formula.

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