Just like for a plant, light plays a critical role in the health of the eye, especially for the nerves of the eye and blood flow. At ADRIEL EYE HEALTH we believe that bringing good light to where it is needed the most within the eye is 80% of the solution to eye health. The remaining 20% is supported by dietary nutrition and behavioural lifestyle changes, such as exercise and our relationship with electronic devices.

If you would like to take charge of and maintain your eye health well into your golden years without invasive surgery, our Adriel Eye Specialists are ready to guide towards a brighter future.


Genetic Eye Test: Follow-Up Eye Test (FUET)
With most patients, six months of follow-up care is needed to examine the effectiveness and sustainability of the Adriel 80-20 Eye Formula, and chart the progress achieved. This is a multi-test protocol consisting of the following:

Resonance Test

Examining the level of body nutrients, including the 40 vitamins, minerals amino acids and co-enzymes.

Body Organ Resonance Test

Examining the performance of both the primary and secondary organs

CSF Test

Testing the performance of the eye and sensitivity under specific conditions

Nutritional Optometry
As part of the remaining 20% of eye health, dietary nutrition does need to be at optimum levels if good eye health is to be achieved for the long term. Different types of tests and support systems are available, to enable the effectiveness of the Adriel 80-20 Eye Formula to be measured. 

These tests are also invaluable in identifying other contributing factors to reduced eye health as well as examining the nutrition absorption in support of your eye and body. The tests are:

Zyto Test

Examine the bodily functions and overall system from a nutritional point of view. Includes a 30 min consultation

Hair Test

To detect traces of toxins or damage in the body, such as heavy metals, bacteria or from electromagnetic fields. Includes a 30 page colour-coded hardcopy report.

ADRIEL EYE HEALTH also offers Coaching in achieving optimum nutritional levels for eye health. These support systems include:

Monthly Meal Plan & Nutritional Package

Guide towards the adoption of a diet that encourages eye healing and overall health. An optional supplement package supported by nutritionists, doctors and optometrists over a period of 3 to 6 months.

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