It is one of the wonders of living in these modern times. It is now possible to use such equipment to measure the muscular age of your eyes and even the levels of light absorption in a non-invasive testing protocol.

Within ADRIEL EYE HEALTH are among the most cutting-edge diagnostic equipment for eye health, most of which are not even available in public or private hospitals. All the equipment available collectively will be able to measure and record the critical dimensions and angles within the inner and outer eye as well as analyse the potential for cataracts, glaucoma and retinal diseas. 

The Diagnostic Equipments

LST™ Equipment

For the ‘Light Scattering Test’ the results are used in decision-making process of which ophthalmic lens is the most suitable.

Corneal Integrity™ Equipment

Records the critical dimensions and angles of the cornea, as well as the power, depth of space and lens opacity.

Retina Flo™ Equipment

A deeper & much more detailed examination of the inner and outer eye.

ADRIEL EYE HEALTH is able to carry out testing protocols at a much deeper level, which, when coupled with the clinical research expertise that lies with Dr Adriel Soh himself and the other Adriel Eye Specialists, will be able to accurately diagnose and design a treatment protocol to reduce the health risk to the patient, not only for the eyes but also to the brain and cellular nutrition level.

Where there was none before, ADRIEL EYE HEALTH has also created a unique grading scale for Eye Test Charts and quality of Spectacle Lenses that is invaluable in understanding the specific conditions of the eyes and existing eyewear of the patient.

The testing protocols available are:

1. Standard Eye Test (SET): to check the suitability of the existing eyewear for continued use and the condition of the eye nerves

2. Full Test – Further Eye Test (FET): to collect data to enable the most accurate selection of lenses to bring needed nourishment (good light) to the inner eye

3. Light Scattering Test™ (LSTTM): to collect data that enables the selection of the most suitable corrective lens needed (the only unit in Malaysia)

4. Corneal Integrity Test™ (CITM): to measure critical dimensions within the cornea (the only unit in Malaysia)

5. Retina Blood Flow Test™ (RFTM): captures retinal images and measures blood flow of the inner eye, such that it is possible to measure degenerative conditions of the internal organs which are linked to the eyes (2nd unit in Malaysia)

For more information about the diagnostic equipment and testing protocols available at ADRIEL EYE HEALTH, please do make an appointment and enquire directly with the Doctor. 

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